The Climate Dictionary Quiz

The Climate Dictionary is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aimed at providing people worldwide with a simplified guide to understand climate change. The Dictionary (first published Aug 2023) seeks to bridge the gap between complex scientific jargon such as present in the IPCC publications and the general public. It selects several dozen important climate concepts that are currently actively discussed worldwide with the aim to make them more accessible and relatable to individuals from various backgrounds and levels of expertise. The content is crafted to cater to diverse audiences, catering to both the scientifically inclined and those with limited prior knowledge of the subject.

A selection of Climate Risk related terms that are documented in the Open Risk Manual are already integrating the Climate Dictionary content with a focus on Risk Management implications. As an additional resource, the Climate Dictionary Quiz accessible at the Open Risk Academy is based on the Climate Dictionary and provides an educational tool to enable deeper understanding of the essential terminology. The quiz consists of circa 65 questions of multiple choice type. The objective is to enable anybody interested in climate change to benchmark their knowledge of these key terms.