Awesome Sustainable Finance

awesome-sustainable-finance - A curated list of sustainable finance resources (software, data and more)

  • The focus of the list is 1) on code (open source tools, libraries, frameworks etc) that fairly directly supports any type of sustainable finance effort and 2) open data that are useful in a sustainable finance context.
  • The inclusion and classification is not meant to be rigorous as sometimes projects i) provide both code and data and ii) have wider sustainability objectives.
  • If you want to add your project simply create a PR. If you want to nominate a project but do not have a github account you can also indicate it here or at the Sustainable Finance Subreddit
  • Preference to link to self-contained repositories (not accounts or web-pages) but if needed accomodate
  • No powerpoints or pdf’s
  • Projects in alpha are welcome but no placeholders